A Tourist’s Budget Guide to Vancouver

Published On : 30-Jul-2018

Whether you are flying into the city or taking one of the BC ferries from Victoria to Vancouver, there are tons of things to do. You can hit up the Richmond Night Market, take a stroll down the famous Robson Street, or check out the shops and restaurants in Yaletown. If this is your first venture to Vancouver, there are a few things you should know to make your trip inexpensive but a whole lot of fun.

Where to Stay

You have a couple of different options as far as accommodations go. The first option is to stay at an inexpensive hotel. You can find hotels for around $75 to $125. You can also book an Airbnb room to drop the price. Make sure to look at homes for rent, as well, but those can be more expensive. Another option, which is even less expensive, is to get a dorm room in a hostel. This can cost as low as $25 or as much as $60 for a private room. Sometimes you even get free breakfast, which is a perk for anyone looking to save cash.

Meals & Beverages

If you want to enjoy a restaurant meal, you can expect to spend an average of $20. However, if you have the option to cook yourself, that drops a large amount. There are also plenty of cheap eateries offering delicious ethnic foods like shawarma or traditional favorites like pizza. As far as nightlife beverages, a beer will cost around $9 while a cocktail can run around $15. Check out the food trucks for great food at a low price.

Free Attractions

A lot of the things to do in Vancouver cost a few dollars, but there are exceptions to the rule. If you want a dose of culture, visit the Vancouver Art Gallery any Tuesday after 5 PM. The entrance fee is donation based, rather than being around $20 on another day. You can also explore the many gardens and parks in the city to get a feel for the city. Rent a bike for a few dollars to make getting around quicker. Another option is to see a game. You can hit up the Vancouver Visitors’ Center to get same-day sports tickets for a great price.

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