Beautiful Cruises From Victoria BC Along Vancouver Island

by | Nov 1, 2018 | Cruise Line Company

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Nothing quite matches exploring an island by sea. While BC Ferries daily sail from and to Victoria, they are limited in what you can explore freely. If you want to match what you want to see and visit with the right sailing vessel, why not consider taking cruises from Victoria BC along the coast of Vancouver Island. A number of options are available to explore this scenic coastline. They include private luxury cruises and whale spotting vessels.

What to See

Vancouver Island offers a variety of potential attractions to visit. Many are only accessible from the sea. By sailing through the Strait of Georgia, cruises from Victoria BC are able to visit the off shore islands. Of particular interest are:

  • The Gulf Islands: Consisting of several islands of diverse sizes, these natural gems decorate the Strait. Visitors enjoy the quietness and spend some time in the picturesque provincial park. They also enjoy the exhibits by the artists on Galiano or stroll through the quaint village of Ganges on Salt Spring Island. Many stop and take a dip at Hamilton Beach on The Penders.
  • Broken Group Islands: This is an archipelago consisting of around 100 rugged, forested islands/islets. They are not for those looking for the ultimate urban experience. On these islands, nature rules. Paddlers, kayakers, and campers all find peace and adventure on this group of islands. You can also stay at the very modest Sechart Lodge. It has a small restaurant on site.

Cruises from Victoria BC

If you want to sail along the coast of Vancouver Island or visit the various offshore islands, contact the cruise company of your choice on the island or mainland. Cruises from Victoria BC can take you on a trip you and your family or friends shall never forget. Whether you want to island hop or sail over and camp out on one of the Broken Group Islands, boat is the only way to go.

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