5 Tips Before You Spend Your Holidays in Egypt

by | Jul 11, 2018 | Tour Agency

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Enjoy the holidays in Egypt. Here’s how to take the trip of a lifetime.

Plan ahead

You don’t have to plan out every minute of the trip. But having a general idea of where to go, when, and how will help tremendously. If your schedule is filled to the gills, though, and you don’t have time to check out hotels and sights, look for tour packages then. A guided tour may be the best way to spend your holidays in Egypt.

Pick a tour package

What kind of trip do you have in mind? Do you want something relaxing? A cruise down the Nile may fit the bill for you. That or you could go temple hopping or camel-riding, all while you and your friends or family try to duke it out for the perfect shot.

Carry change around

Being in a tour package means you’ll get to see plenty of sights in a day. If you plan on buying anything, though, make sure you carry a lot of coins and small bills. This will come in handy for tips throughout the day, the World Nomads says.

Dress appropriately

Your guide will remind you of dress codes before you visit the sights. But it pays to pack the right clothing beforehand. Egypt is a Muslim country so ladies will need to wear clothes that keep their knees, shoulders and upper arms covered. You could also bring along a convenient cover-up for your shoulders and upper arms if you packed along a lot of sleeveless tops.

Time it

Know the best time to go, especially if you want to go on a cruise down the Nile. Also, consider taking a longer trip to enjoy more of the local sights. You could see so much more just by staying a few more days.

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