What to Wear and Bring: 4 Tips for the First-Time Sailor

by | Jan 21, 2016 | Travel

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Maneuvering through channels and motoring between markers at easy speed, shores and trees in the distance, and huge smiles all around. Those are the kinds of experiences to enjoy when you’re on a BVI motor yacht charter. For first-timers, this can be a stellar adventure. However, knowing what to wear and bring can save you a world of trouble while you’re on that trip. Read on to know what the basics are in fashion and accessories while on a yachting holiday.

Take Off Your Street Shoes
Leave your street shoes in a basket until it’s time to go home, the Tatler says. In many yachts, you’ll spend your time barefoot. If that doesn’t seem comfortable for you, a lot of boats allow passengers to wear socks or slippers, just so they’re clean. So if you’re planning to take your entire Jimmy Choose to your sailing getaway, think again.

Dress Casually
You won’t be doing that much dressing up on the yacht, that’s for sure. Most of your time will be spent on taking a swim, going snorkeling or water skiing, diving or having a float take you and your friends or family to an excellent beach for some play time in the sand, island tours, or a scrumptious meal prepared by your chef. That means you’ll likely spend most of your time in slippers, barefoot or in your slippers and bathing suit. So forget about bringing along a ton of your run-way inspired ensembles unless you’re prepared for your separates to get wet or dirty from the sand.

Take Care of Your Things
No matter if you’re going on a trip with friends or family, the main living area of the boat is communal space. So make sure you don’t leave your clothes and things lying around. Put them inside your cabin. If you want easy access to them, bring along a small pack with you and put them inside.

Bring a Water-Proof Rucksack
There’s a huge chance that you’ll be doing all sorts of activities near or in the water—swimming, snorkeling, diving, etc.—so make sure you pack along a water-proof bag for your belongings. That way, you won’t have to worry about your phone or camera or clothes getting wet.

So if you’ve been worrying about what to wear and bring, don’t sweat it. It doesn’t have to look runway-ready. Just bring whatever you’re comfortable with. Relax. Enjoy your vacation. In the end, it’s not going to be the clothes or accessories that matter but the experiences and memories you build along the way.

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