Five Ways Cross Country Skiing Is Good for You

by | Mar 7, 2016 | Travel

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When most people think of skiing in Colorado they imagine mountains, chairlifts and falling down frequently. However, cross country skiing in Colorado offers a more relaxed, yet physically rigorous experience than its downhill cousin. Enjoy stunning scenery while receiving a total body workout. Here are the top five reasons cross country skiing is good for your health and well-being:

1. You receive a full-body workout.

Cross country, or Nordic, skiing is one of the relatively few activities that engages your entire body in the process. As you push and pull yourself along the trail, you are utilizing muscles in every major region in your body, both upper and lower.

2. You burn a lot of calories.

Cross country skiing in the Colorado plains burns a lot of energy. From a calorie-counting standpoint, you stand to lose over 1,000 calories after just an hour of rigorous skiing. There are few other workouts that can compete with this kind of calorie consumption, making Nordic skiing one of the most effective ways of exercising.

3. It is relatively low-impact.

Part of the beauty of Nordic skiing is its low impact on joints and tendons. This is good news for those with weak or aging joints: you can enjoy an effective and intense workout with comparatively low risk of bodily harm. Whereas running and sports strain muscles and joints, cross country skiing applies slow, even stresses on your body, reducing the chance of injury.

4. Your heart will stay stronger.

As with any intense exercise, you are giving your heart a workout. As you work out, your heart maintains a fast rate. As you sustain the elevated heart rate, you are, in effect, strengthening your heart muscle. Nordic skiing applies even and low stress on your body, maximizing the aerobic benefits of the exercise. As a result, you get a solid cardio workout without straining your heart.

5. You will develop better lung capacity.

As you ski, your respiration increases with your heart rate. While at first you may not be able to endure long excursions, over time your lungs will strengthen and adapt to longer periods of heavy breathing. Your diaphragm will become stronger, making the physical act of breathing easier. Your lungs will be able to hold more oxygen as you learn to take slower, deeper breaths during your workout.

Whether recreationally or avidly, Nordic skiing can add a world of good to a healthy lifestyle. Consider changing your exercise routine by trading the in gym workout for serene cross country skiing in Colorado.

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