Tour the City of Bright Lights at Christmas

Published On : 26-May-2014

There is no better time to tour the bright lights of New York City than at Christmas time. This is the perfect time to book a helicopter tour and enjoy the jovial decorations and Christmas lights that tend to adorn buildings and famous landmarks. A helicopter tour in New York City is remarkable all on its own. When you add the holidays to it, it seems to come alive with Christmas spirit.

Enjoy Christmas Lights with a Whole New View

Consider all of the fun you will have when you gather family and friends for a helicopter tour of the Big Apple during the holiday season. You will want to make sure you can schedule a flight at dusk so you can see the lights when they first start to twinkle. Of course you will have to keep in mind that hazardous weather conditions may delay flights, or cancel them. Otherwise, a Christmas lights tour is perfect for those that enjoy the sights of the holiday. From the view of a helicopter you will be able to see all of the different buildings that are decorated with holiday themed lights. There may even be decorations out at such sites as the Statue of Liberty, or Ellis Island.

Holly Jolly Christmas Light Tours

Share a thermos of hot chocolate as you fly by some of the most beautiful holiday lights adorning skylines. You could even start a round of Christmas carols; although your pilot may have stories you want to hear about the areas your touring instead. You will be warm and cozy in the cabin of a helicopter that offers heat and air while you get to view the best of the holiday lights from a vantage point that is hard to beat. You can choose from tours that last anywhere from fifteen to twenty-five minutes. Tour packages are available so you can decide what you would like to see the most, or if you would like the grand tour that includes all of the sites New York City has to offer.

Enjoy Every Moment of the Holidays with Family and Friends

The more the merrier! When you get ready to book a helicopter tour to look at Christmas lights, consider including friends and family to share the experience with you. You could make a night of it by having dinner together at a fine restaurant, then hopping aboard a helicopter to see the beautiful Christmas lights you missed on the ground.

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