Experience the Exhilaration: Helicopter Rides New York

by | May 2, 2014 | Travel and Tourism

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Chakk chackk chak chak…Chakk chackk chak chak…Chakk chackk chak chak…

The sounds of the helicopter blades are all I can hear. Chack, thud, thump — however you want to describe the distinctive sound, it overwhelms me, filling my conscious and unconscious thoughts until it feels as if my heart beats to the rhythms of the helicopter. After a brief safety talk, the pilot asks me if I’m ready to go, and I smile with a glee I can’t control. I’ve never felt more ready to enjoy my dream: helicopter rides New York.

This is my first time in a helicopter, and while helicopter rides New York may seem extravagant, take it from me: there is simply no better way to see the Big Apple. We lift off from the helicopter pad, the pilot gracefully easing the beast into the skies over one of the biggest cities in the world. At once I’m treated to views I’ve only seen in movies: sweeping vistas of some of the most famous buildings and landmarks in the world. It is a view that takes my breath away, and I know I’ll never be able to get enough of this feeling.

All helicopter rides New York are different. Mine included the sites I wanted most to see: Lady Liberty (otherwise known as the Statue of Liberty!) and the Empire State Building were of course included during our time in the air. However, one of the biggest reasons I chose to splurge on helicopter rides New York was to see what this most famous of metropolises is like from above. I wanted to know: Would I get a feeling for the pulse of the city? Would seeing it from above make it seem less important or busy? Would I fall in love with a different side of New York City?

The answer to all of these questions is yes. The city seems alive, even from thousands of feet above. It does seem less busy, although just as significant. And my experience with helicopter rides New York did indeed cause me to fall in love with a whole new side of New York City, a side I never expected to be privileged enough to see.

Looking back at my helicopter experience hasn’t dulled its shine, and when friends tell me they are going to New York, I always tell them the same thing: helicopter rides New York are the only must-do when visiting NYC!

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