Things To Do In The Smoky Mountains

Published On : 19-Jul-2012

Planning a vacation to the Smoky Mountains is a great way to build memories with your family while enjoying the slow and restful pace of our country’s national parks and the beautiful mountains. Here are a few ideas to plan your vacation and enjoy all the things the park has to offer. If you are staying in Pigeon Forge cabins, the park is only about ten miles from these cabins.

One of the most beautiful and natural parts of this park is the wildlife. You will have the opportunity to see many wild animals in their natural habitat. The Smoky Mountains is home to approximately thirty different types of salamanders and also many black bears. Coyote, elk, turtles, and deer are also at home in this park. It is important to remember the rules of observing wildlife in their natural habitat. Staying 150 feet away from the wildlife is a mandatory rule. It is also urgent to not feed the animals, tease them, touch them or frighten them. These rules are in place for your protection as well as the animal’s.

If you are staying in Pigeon Forge cabins and are thinking of visiting the Smoky Mountains, there are several different ways to tour the park. You can tour in your car to see all the beautiful scenery and mountains. This can be done in one day and lessens the amount of effort and may be easier if you have young kids. You can also ride bikes through the park if you want to experience it while being outdoors. You can fish in the park and hike through the beautiful trails. Horseback riding excursions are also available if you enjoy riding horses. Experiencing the park in any of these ways is a truly memorable and beautiful experience.

The park also has eleven picnic areas if you are interested in eating while in the park. It is important to follow the posted rules in order to avoid attracting unwanted attention to your picnic by the animals. You can also camp inside the park if you are interested in spending several days and nights there.

If you are looking to experience the beauty of the Smoky Mountains and don’t want to stay in the park but want to stay close, Pigeon Forge cabins are a great place to stay. Enjoy the beauty of the natural waterfalls, the wildness of animals in their natural habitat, and keep your family comfortable and safe in a cabin that is the right size for your needs. Visiting the Smoky Mountains is a vacation that you and your family will always remember fondly.

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