Amazing Tips for an Outstanding Outdoor Party

by | May 28, 2018 | Vacation Rentals

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Having a party in the outdoors can be an exciting option if you plan it when the weather is nice. It gives you extra space for visitors, options for decorating, and much more. Anytime you host a party, one of the most important things is to be sure your guests have a great time. It is simple when you hold your party at one of the outdoor event venues for rent in New Jersey. We’ll help you with the details by offering a few tried and true tips.

The Invitation

Whether you send out online invitations on Facebook or you choose to mail out invitations the old-fashioned way, there are a handful of things you need to address to ensure the ensure the best party possible. The first is what type of attire is expected. If this is a casual party by a pool, make sure guests are aware and know to bring along their bathing suits. If it’s a bit more upscale, cover that in the invitation.

You also want to make it clear when lunch or dinner will be served at the party. It prevents people who show up late and have nothing but chips and popcorn to munch. It also means those who get there a little early are aware of when food will be served and can plan their day based on that.

Seating & Extras

If you’re having the party in your backyard, make sure you have the chairs to handle everyone who comes. It won’t be as much of an issue with outdoor event venues for rent in New Jersey, who will often have hundreds of seating options for you. You’ll also want to consider whether you have the capacity for lighting and other electronics, such as speakers.


For child guests, you want to have some activities around for the little ones. This lets the adults relax and enjoy themselves. Something like bubble blowers, beach balls, or a pool is perfect to add some fun for the kids as well as their guardians. Another fun option is to hit up the local drugstore for some disposal cameras and pass them out to the kids to take fun photos of the event.

If you’re still looking for the perfect venue for your next event. At Black Bear Lake Events, Picnic, and Event Rentals, has you covered. We have tons of options and are happy to help you ready for the big occasion.

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