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Published On : 29-Jul-2015

Orlando Florida: Theme Parks To Explore

Let’s face it. If you have arrived in Orlando, Florida with kids in tow, they have one thing on their minds: theme parks. These dominate their minds and have done so for every waking moment since you announced this upcoming vacation trip. Fortunately, the Orlando Florida vacation rentals company you booked through has made it easier to get there. While you may not be installed in an onsite resort at Disney World, booking through companies such as Rooms 101.com has made it easier for you to stay within your budget. It has done so without placing you so far from the grounds of your kids’ favorite theme park.

Disney World

This is the hallmark of Walt Disney’s entertainment empire. It is a massive complex of interrelated pars offering the best the brand has to offer. While some prefer to stay at the hotel resort, others make their way to the park as part of their Orlando Florida vacation rentals package. You and your children can spend time at the Magic Kingdom with all its famous characters or at the more space age Epcot Center. You can stroll down Main Street or make your way over to the Animal Kingdom Park. There are rides, restaurants and, of course, souvenirs.

Universal Studios Florida

The first serious rival to the Disney Resort theme park is Universal Studios Florida. This is another enormous complex that houses various worlds. You can visit worlds where the major past and present Universal Studios characters live large. Spiderman, the Terminator, E.T., Despicable Me characters including the Minions as well as Shrek continue to draw crowds. Yet while the Great White Shark from Jaws may still have its supporters, one of the most popular worlds to visit here is that of Harry Potter. Here, you can taste butterbeer and buy yourself a wand in Diagon Alley.

Orlando Florida Vacation Rentals

If you are coming to visit the major theme parks in Orlando, Florida, vacation rentals through online companies such as websitecan help make your visit less stressful and more affordable. If you want to give your kids and yourself the proverbial “vacation of a lifetime” without mortgaging your home, look to companies such as Rooms 101.com. They can help arrange for affordable Orlando Florida vacation rentals and deals that will have everyone in the family smiling.

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