Safety Tips to Zip Line in Cabo San Lucas

by | Jul 21, 2015 | Travel and Tourism

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If you want to experience the fun of coral reefs, deep blue waters, swimming with the dolphins, traveling through wild railroads in safari jeeps, scuba diving and countless outdoor recreational activities, then Cabo San Lucas is the right choice for you. The perfect mix of coastal, mountainous and wild adventures is found when you Zip Line in Cabo San Lucas. Enjoy the fresh breeze in ecological environment and extract the best of this summer while rejuvenating your soul for next year. That being said, don’t forget to maintain safety with our safety tips.

Choose a Tour Guide Service

It is always ideal to go zip lining with a tour guide service instead of depending on your personal skills. The tour guides are expert professionals who take all the safety measures to ensure a safer ride. It is ideal to avoid taking children to zip line in Cabo San Lucas. The tour guides provide alternative activities for children including jumping and portable pools. But if the children want to do zip lining, ask the tour guide to provide essential safety items and make the ride safer for kids.

Wear the Personal Safety Gear Properly

The common zip lining safety gear for riders includes knee pads, harness, gloves, helmet, face mask, jacket, backup lanyards and goggles. Some tour guide services also provide extra equipment apart from on-spot medical services. Make sure that all the equipment can be operated during emergency situations. Loose equipment can be very dangerous to zip line in Cabo San Lucas; therefore. ask the tour guides to lock your gear.

Follow the Instructions Carefully

The free fall of zip line depends on various factors including these.

Age – The rider must be older than eight years. Younger children tend to be more vulnerable to flight fear.

Medical Condition – The rider must not have serious medical issues including high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, bone problems or history of heart problems. The travel guide agency must assess the medical condition of the rider.

Weight – Unfortunately zip line in Cabo San Lucas or any other part of the world is not for obese people. The ideal weight for zip lining is 250 lbs.

Step Off and Step On – Practice to step off and step on the ground by zip lining on the bunny or small zips. Just leave the ground and let yourself fall free with the curve of the zip. The gloves are thick enough to protect your hands. To step on the ground, slightly tap the tip of your shoe once or twice on the ground to create friction. You will automatically slow down and stop before the zip ends.

To zip line in Cabo San Lucas, you will be enthralled to choose the bigger and longer zips in first attempt. If you are not a regular zipper then start with smaller zips and after flushing out your fear, enjoy the lovely landscape of Cabo San Lucas.

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