Who Uses an Airport Transfer by Helicopter in New York?

Published On : 30-Jun-2014

Helicopters have been used mainly for media and military reasons, but have, in the last 10 or so years, been more fashionable to use as a way to tour large cities. Since its inception into the regular world, business men and women have been using helicopters for airport transfer purposes in New York and in other large cities, and were strictly considered a wealthy company’s transportation. However, it is becoming easier and less expensive to be used by all numbers of people because it is quick and exciting way to travel.


Businesses employ people to go around the country and even overseas for business deals. These people are usually in a rush to get there, which is why the use an airplane. If the airline they are using must connect them with a different flight at a different airport, then they require a transfer. Going by helicopter will get them there in as little as eight minutes, depending on where exactly they are going. This is a preferable way to travel because it is quick. However, many businesses also hire limousines and drivers as a type of status symbol, though a helicopter seems like a bigger status symbol.


Families may enjoy helicopter transfers as it can be difficult to get more than a few people in a taxi and the time it takes for regular travel can cause delays. Six people (two parents and four children) cannot easily fit into a taxi cab but can sit comfortably in a helicopter. It will also be interesting to give your kids a thrill of a helicopter ride.


Most people don’t consider an airport transfer in New York to be romantic, but for those couples who are in love, a speedy transfer by helicopter could be fun. It would be just the two of you and the pilot, and you will have a magnificent view that can’t be found with any other mode of transportation.


If you are taking a trip with a good friend, you may want to give you both the experience of a lifetime. Traveling on vacation together is a great start, and what better way to catch your connecting flight that by helicopter. It would definitely bring you closer together with your friends and can be a great conversation while you journey on another flight to your destination.

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