Visit a Borneo Island Resort and Experience a New Kind of World

Published On : 04-Jan-2017

When it comes to adventure, it cannot get any more exciting than a visit to a Borneo island resort. Borneo is a place that combines lush rainforests and endangered wildlife with a diverse culture. Therefore, this travel destination is an ideal location for nature lovers and adventurers.

Borneo’s Geographic Location

Straddling the equator and surrounded by luxuriant rain forests, this part of the world features a territory that is unevenly apportioned between the countries of Indonesia, Brunei, and Malaysia. Sabah and Sarawak, two east Malaysian states, are situated in the north. They surround the Sultanate of Brunei while Kalimantan, an Indonesian state, occupies most of the central and southern areas of Borneo.

Jungle Beauty

When you visit a Borneo island resort, it may be located in any of the aforementioned locales. So, no matter where you stay, you will experience jungle beauty that is replete with half of all the known animal and plant species in the world.

Getting Acquainted with the Island

A Borneo island resort also features such wildlife as orangutans, the Bornean pygmy elephant, and the Sumatran rhino. Thousands of flowering plants add to the island’s vibrancy. The colorful paradise combines adventure and relaxation by offering visitors its rich and diverse culture as well as idyllic beaches and scenic mountainscapes.

Some Suggested Activities

When visiting Borneo, you won’t want to miss a trek through the lush rainforests nor bypass the experience of walking among the orangutans. You can also see green turtles lay their eggs at such sites as Lankayan. Head over to Sarawak to explore the caves and take a dip in one of the location’s shady and inviting pools.

What to Wear When Visiting North Borneo

If you visit Borneo in the conservative Muslim north, be advised that women should dress conservatively. Women are expected to cover their legs and shoulders. Therefore, baggy clothing or loose slacks or trousers with a modest long-sleeved shirt are acceptable apparel.

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