Tips for Getting a Vacation Minivan Rental Deal in New York, NY. without a Credit Card

Published On : 01-Jun-2020

There is a major misconception that exists among some about the possibility of renting a vehicle without a credit card. Many people think it’s impossible to rent a vehicle without a credit card. While it may be more difficult, it’s certainly not impossible to do so. Here are some tips to use to get your next vacation minivan rental in New York, NY. without using a credit card.

Shop Around

As you begin your search for a minivan rental agency in New York, NY., you’ll notice a wide variety to choose from. Unfortunately, some of them will require you to have a credit card to rent a vehicle. The only way to find out which ones have this requirement is to start calling around. Make a list of rental agencies to call and simply ask what their policies are regarding renting a vehicle without a credit card. You can narrow down your list by crossing off the companies that require a credit card for a rental.

Have Extra Money Available on Your Debit Card

If you can’t rent a vehicle with a credit card, you next option is to rent with a debit card. This is becoming more and more popular as people are getting away from using credit cards. However, most rental agencies will ask to put a hold on your debit card in addition to the charges for the vehicle rental. Most holds are between $200 and $500 so be sure you have this much on your debit card. Also, don’t plan on using that money until you return the vehicle.

Credit Check

When using your debit card for your vacation minivan rental in New York, NY., you might have to undergo a credit check. Some rental agencies can forego a credit check if you bring in a utility bill but be prepared to have your credit run just in case. You should also bring other relevant documentation, such as proof of insurance. You might also have to wait a little longer for the credit check to be completed, so arrive at the agency early.

Use Your Debit Card

You can’t rent a vehicle by using someone else’s debit card. The same is true if you are using a credit card. When you are renting a vehicle, make sure your debit card has your name on it. If you need to use a spouse’s debit card, they are generally required to be the primary driver for the vehicle.

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