Things to Do When Choosing Charter Boats in USVI

Published On : 22-Nov-2017

So you want to book yourself on a cruise and go sailing in the waters of USVI? Here are a few things to help you pick out the perfect charter:

Choose between bareboat or charter boat
Pretty skilled sailor yourself? Then getting a bareboat is an excellent idea. And it’s exactly what it says—a boat, one you have to pilot and sail with friends. A crewed charter, on the other hand, doesn’t just come with a captain and chef, along with perhaps another crew member. It comes with the entire experience instead, with someone to truly look after your needs in the best way. If you want someone else to plan those sumptuous meals, take care of the boat and get you to the stops you want, then booking a charter boat is the better choice.

Pick out a route
Itineraries are quite flexible. So pick a route and ask your operator if it’s possible. You could also go for recommendations from the operator. IN the USVI, most people tend to aim for the British Virgin Islands, says Travel Pulse. That’s mostly because the beaches are close together, there are lots of great places for snorkeling and plenty of restaurants ensure you won’t get hungry. Beach bars are plenty as well.

Get the right size
Some boats are bigger than others. So take the size of your group into consideration. You might go for a smaller boat to enjoy a bit of cost-savings. But if that means you have to spend a lot of your time bumping knees and elbows with your pals or the crew, you might want to go for a bigger boat instead.

Check out the crew
You’ll be spending all week with the crew. Don’t just go for a cruise company that offers you the best crew in terms of service. Pick one you’re comfortable with as well.

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