Seeing New York City at its finest

by | Jan 2, 2014 | Travel and Tourism

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It doesn’t matter whether you reside in New York City or your visiting it for the first or hundredth time, if you have not seen it from the air, then you really have not seen the real NYC.

There are sights seen every day and people just take them for granted. If you drive across the Verrazano Bridge everyday you can easily fail to recognize that it was the longest suspension bridge in the world when it was opened in 1964. As you drive across it, the massive towers which are all of 700 feet tall fail to impress as they simply cannot be seen in all their glory from your car. The same is true with the Empire State Building. This magnificent building which dates from the late 1920s is at the meeting of Fifth Avenue and west 34th street right in the heart of Midtown. No matter where you stand and look up at it, you cannot appreciate it. The only way you can really appreciate the beauty of these structures is when you take one of the helicopter tours of NYC that give you a bird’s eye view.

There is so much to New York City; the financial district on Wall Street is a must see as is the United nations complex, and who could forget the Statue of Liberty quietly guarding the harbor from its perch on Liberty Island. This copper and wrought iron landmark, a gift to the city from France was erected starting in 1875 and opened for the 100th anniversary of the country. When you get up close and personal, you will see detail and beauty that is impossible to see from the ground.

Many people who come to the city, plus everyone who lives in the South Bronx are Yankee fans. The South Bronx is the home of Yankee Stadium. The stadium opened in 2009 and replaced the original which was located across the street. The place holds 55,000 fans and rarely is the stands not sold out. Many of the games are televised so seeing it is not new for millions of people, but seeing it from the air is something all together different. It is a beautiful structure with wonderful symmetry, symmetry that can only be appreciated when you are taking helicopter tours of NYC. Visit us online for more details Website.

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