Make Sure a Canoe Trip is Part of Your Child’s Summer Camp Experience

Published On : 08-Apr-2013

At the end of a fun summer at camp, when you ask most children what their favorite activities were, canoeing will always be near the top of the list. Canoeing is part of many summer camping experiences and many boys wish that they could simply go to a canoe camp where all they do is canoe their way through the summer. Though there may be camps that only offer canoe trips, if your child wants to go to camp, it is best that a child get a full camp experience that is heavy on canoeing.

Why Canoeing Can be a Great Camp Activity

There are many reasons why canoeing can be a wonderful camp activity. The first reason is that it is great fun. Being out on the water, out in nature and controlling your own vessel is something that most boys will absolutely love. Another reason why canoeing can be a great camping activity is that it promotes team work. You cannot adequately paddle a canoe on your own, for example. You need at least one more person to be effective at controlling the canoe. Your child will learn that by working together, they can be very successful in their pursuits.

Canoeing can also help to build coordination and build strength. If you have ever picked up a paddle and tried to maneuver a canoe through rapids, even small ones, you know that it can be quite difficult. Though paddling through calm water is quite relaxing, it certainly takes a bit of strength too if you really want to be successful getting from point “A” to point “B” in a canoe. Your child will also have a chance to experience nature like never before when they take a canoe trip camp.

What to Keep in Mind About Canoeing at Camp

Parents always have a bit of concern about their child taking a canoe trips at camp. Safety of course, is the biggest of these concerns. The truth is, however, all camps will take the necessary steps to ensure that a child is fully aware of the safety procedures when canoeing and they will make sure that a child is never without safety equipment, like a life jacket. Your child will also be required to take a skills course in order to make sure that they have the skills needed to canoe. Finally, your child will never be put into a situation where they do not have the skills to navigate the water. This means they will only be placed on canoeing trips that meet their skill levels.

Canoeing can be an extremely fun and rewarding activity. If you are looking for fun activities at a summer camp, make sure to choose one that offers canoeing.

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