Low Cost Las Vegas Vacation Packages

Published On : 20-Feb-2018

One of the big reasons why people report that they don’t travel more is the high cost of accommodations. If people only look at some of the top travel sites that would certainly be a fair point to make. Even popular destinations like Las Vegas may seem out of reach on those sites with hotels room significantly over a hundred dollars a night for even modest hotels and standard rooms.

At Rooms101, we offer a different type of travel booking service. Through our vacation packages to top spots around the United States, including Vegas, we provide the top hotel rooms in the best hotels for significantly less than fifty dollars a night, which is truly one of the best deals on the market.

How It Works

Our vacation packages are very simple to book. You can review the listing, which will indicate the number of days and nights in the package at the specific price. We also provide you with information on the hotel, so you will be able to compare the different accommodations if this is your first time to Las Vegas.

For many of our vacation packages to Vegas, there are additional perks to consider. This may be an upgrade to a luxury room, up to a $100 for you to use in dining dough as well as other perks and bonuses.

When you choose your hotel and your stay duration, simply click to book. You will need to let us know your travel dates to check for availability, then all you need to do is complete the reservation.

We offer special packages in Vegas as in our other national and international locations for all holidays as well as birthdays, anniversaries and even special events such as New Year’s Eve and Spring Break.

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