Here Are Some Great Date-Night Ideas Beyond Just Dinner and a Movie

Published On : 16-Aug-2019

If you are bored of the usual date ideas such as restaurants and movies, look for something unique and different that will still allow you to have fun and get to know your date a bit better by stimulating fun interactions and great conversations. Chicago has a great theater and comedy scene, but if you’re looking for great date night ideas in Chicago that will still allow you to hold a conversation, here are a few ideas you may want to try.

Find a Local Live Music Scene

Chicago is home to small nightclubs, cafe, and pubs which host a wide variety of casual musical performances on any given night. Check out a local singer and songwriter at a late-night coffeehouse or find an Irish pub and have a blast singing along with the band over a couple of beers. Grab a cocktail at a local jazz bar and experience a bit of Chicago history. Get out there and enjoy the wonderful music scene that Chicago has to offer and be sure to sit far enough away from the music so that you can still chat with your date.

Get a New View of the City

If you’re feeling brave enough, take your date up to an observation platform in Chicago and enjoy the experience of seeing the city in a whole new way. If you love Chicago, you’ll love looking out over the lake and finding a few familiar landmarks from an observation platform in Chicago.

Attend a Lecture

It may not be for everyone, but because Chicago is home to so many wonderful universities, a large number of authors, politicians and other highly celebrated speakers come through the Chicago area regularly. You can head to the local bookstore to catch a lecture or a reading with a famous author or take advantage of the fantastic authors and lecturers that put on public talks all over the city’s several university campuses.

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