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Published On : 27-Mar-2018

If you are thinking about an amazing trip to Kenya, a great place to consider visiting is Westlands in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital and largest city. With an elevation of over 5500’, and comfortable temperatures all year round, Westlands in Nairobi is the ideal location for conducting business and enjoying vacations.Whether you are headed there for business or pleasure, it’s a sure bet you will have fun no matter what. With the great nightlife available like delightful restaurants and bars, tons of shopping and exciting night clubs, you will want to settle in and get comfortable for a long stay. Finding luxury apartments in Nairobi won’t be difficult. It offers some of the finest accommodations you will find anywhere.

All the Comforts of Home, But Not

Because your stay will most likely be longer than a few days, it’s a great idea to look for an extended stay location that offers amenities to make you feel comfortable. The right luxury apartments in Nairobi will bring you the comfort of home, while the beautiful city awaits you outside. Enjoy your stay with wonderful things like pools, gyms and excellent restaurants right on the property. Expect an excellent staff that will cater to your needs with the hospitality that is Kenya is renowned for. You can have all you need within your luxury apartment and also have access to all Westlands has to offer.

Nightlife That Keeps You Up At Night

Reach out to the great nightlife there where you will find several great restaurants. The food is unique and amazing due to the city’s popularity with many diverse cultures. There are nightclubs and even a casino to keep you entertained throughout the night.

So Much to Do, So Little Time

During the day, you can explore the four-storey mall, Sarit Centre and other strip malls in the area. Just imagine the interesting shops and fun places to sit and have coffee. There are also great opportunities to see the city with city tours you can book. Outside of the city, look for all of the other things that Nairobi has to offer. There are many parks, the Karura Forest, several options for guided safaris, and the Nairobi National Park where you can find endangered species and animals you may never see anywhere else.

These are the reasons that no matter what your purpose for visiting Nairobi, business or pleasure, Westlands is a great place to settle in. Make a point to book a few extra days for pleasure, so you can fully experience all that Kenya has to offer. Click Here for more details!

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