Getting Speedy Transportation with a Shuttle Transfer Service

Published On : 17-Apr-2014

Landing after a long flight is always a welcome feeling. Tired, but with the knowledge that you are almost there is always a pleasant thought. Now imagine that you are only minutes away from being at your final destination instead of hours. This is not just a pleasant fiction, but a very real and exciting reality. With a helicopter shuttle transfer in New York, you can step onto a state of the art helicopter and onto a helipad near your location in as little as 8 minutes. No longs lines waiting for a cab or limousine, or long wait watching people walk past you on the side walk, just a friendly and experienced pilot waiting to take you to wherever you may be going to in New York.

This amazing service is not just to take you home, or to a hotel, but also as a transfer to another airport. Stand still traffic can make airport transfers stressful, wondering if you are going to make it on time. With the shuttle transfer service, you will not only make it on time, but with time to spare. Instead of a 3 hour layover, where you would spend 2 of those hours in traffic, you can now spend less than half an hour touring the amazing city of New York from the sky, and still arrive at the airport with enough time to eat a nice meal and relax. No more boring layovers sitting in the airport, but exciting, stunning views of the New York skyline, the Empire State Building, and the Statue of Liberty instead.

With so much more than a shuttle transfer, you can enjoy this gorgeous city and so many things to see without missing your connecting flight. With great prices, you will have no worries or stress during your entire visit. With very experienced and professional pilots, all you have to do sit back, relax, enjoy the flight, and make a grand entrance at any function. With a view none can beat, you will also be taking priceless memories home with you no matter where you go. Airport shuttle transfers will get you where you need to go quickly and affordably. There are several top providers for these services in NYC.

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