Get a More Traditional View of Central Park from a Carriage

Published On : 10-Oct-2016

Central Park is by far one of the most famous parks in the entire world. People from all nations visit New York every year and spend at least a day or two simply enjoying the beauty of this historical landmark. Simply walking through the park doesn’t do it justice however, as you’re likely to miss a lot of important elements that a tour guide can point out and inform you on. This is why Central Park carriage tours are so popular. They give you the perfect opportunity to experience the beauty of Central Park with the luxury of a carriage ride and the assistance of a highly trained guide who will make sure that you don’t miss a thing. It’s really the best way to experience the park and you won’t regret a second of it.

Live the Culture of New York City

Riding a carriage through Central Park is actually a very traditional way to view the park, as this was a very common way for more upper class citizens to travel around in New York’s early years. It’s become a rather standard part of New York culture too, with carriages traversing the park for over a century! If you’re looking for a truly immersive experience, one that’s unique to the city you’re in, then taking a carriage ride through Central Park is exactly what you’re looking for.

Learn Your History

Another fantastic way that a Central Park carriage tour can immerse you in the city’s culture is by teaching you a little bit about Central Park’s history. The guides who run these tours are highly knowledgeable about the park and all the historical sites within it. While taking you on this cultural trip through New York’s past, these skilled guides will paint a picture of the evolution of the Park throughout the century.

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