Explore Your Options with Personal Private Jet Charters in San Diego CA

by | Jan 12, 2024 | Travel Service

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Make the Miles Fly by with Personal Private Charter Flights in San Diego, CA

Transportation Is More Personal, Efficient, and Enjoyable with Charter Flights in San Diego, CA

How is Chartering a Private Jet Better Than Flying Commercial Airline?

Although you may think that chartering a private aircraft flight from your current location to your desired destination is unattainably expensive, you may be surprised at some of the perks when you consider the pros and cons.

Here are some examples:

  • Charter Flights cater to YOUR schedule while YOU must cater to airline schedules, long waiting lines, security lines, and crammed seating
  • Layovers, boarding and refueling fixed base operators are comfortable and accommodating while international airports are often madhouses
  • Charter flights usually have generous luggage space (based on weight and balance) whereas most airlines charge for all luggage other than one carry-on
  • Charter flights are able to fly just about anywhere, and especially to small locations that airlines do not reach

Charter Flights in San Diego, CA Are a Personal, Luxurious, Safe, and Affordable Option

The very active hub of San Diego, California, is home to one of the nation’s most experienced private jet charter companies: Schubach Aviation. Schubach Aviation, easily accessible, has been offering charter flights and aircraft management services for over 25 successful years. There is no obligation for reaching out to them for a quote. Keep in mind that their charter flights also fly to other locations to pick up passengers and it is not imperative that your departure point be San Diego. Come see how they will roll out the red carpet for your transportation needs today!

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