Explore Chicago on a Sightseeing Cruise Down the River

by | Jan 7, 2020 | Travel

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Whether you are just visiting Chicago with the family or you’ve lived here for years, come join us for a sightseeing cruise of the city that you won’t soon forget. Many tours will take you on foot down streets and through historical districts, but we take you on a Chicago sightseeing cruise down the river so that you can experience the beauty of the city from the Chicago River.

Themed Cruises

Because we perform our tours all year round, there are many different themed excursions for you to select. Around St. Patricks Day every year, we host the Clover Cruise which is a massive St. Pat’s celebration that includes dying the water of the river green with an environmentally friendly mixture.

There are also tour options that allow you to enjoy a Sunday morning on the water with a professional yoga instructor. Stretch your sleepy muscles and enjoy a 45-minute yoga session followed by a relaxing 15-minute cruise of the river.

More than a Tour

Aside from learning everything there is to know about the great city of Chicago, you have the opportunity to see the architecture of the town in new ways. Our Chicago sightseeing cruises give you the perfect opportunity to snap unforgettable pictures of the Chicago skyline, and we even offer a photography tour where we point out the best photo opportunities for you.

Contact Chicago First Lady Cruises to learn more about the different sightseeing tours we offer.

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