Attending Pokagon State Park Events in Steuben County, IN

Published On : 27-Jun-2022

Pokagon State Park is Indiana’s most beautiful state park and offers plenty to do. It has the state’s only toboggan slide as well as hiking and biking trails, guided horseback rides, boat rentals, and the historic Potawatomi Inn. As you can see, there’s no shortage of fun to be had. All of the Pokagon State Park events in Steuben County, IN are also family-friendly, which makes Pokagon State Park the ideal place to spend your summer vacation. 

Different Events Offered 

Whether you come for summer or any other time during the year, Pokagon State Park events in Steuben County, IN are taking place, all thanks to the Steuben County Tourism Bureau. If you want your day to be a little bit more relaxed, you can always opt for the local shopping scene or spend the day golfing at the local golf course. You can then end the day at one of Northern Indiana Lakes Country’s hotels. Special hotel and lodging packages are available throughout the year. 

A Unique Vacation 

With summer in full swing, you may be eager to spend some time with your family. If you want to stay local, consider visiting Pokagon State Park. You’ll be able to find dozens of activities to do with the entire family such as horseback riding, swimming, and even biking. It’s safe to say that you’ll be far from bored when you visit Pokagon State Park and take advantage of all the year-round events. 

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