Additional Features Of Luxury Vacation Rentals That Make Them Stand Apart

by | Feb 20, 2012 | Online travel agencies‎

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Have you ever wondered as to why the three bedroom vacation rental that you had hired on your last vacation did not qualify as a luxury vacation rental? Many a times, tourists have pondered as to why two similar looking rentals are priced at different rates. Many ask why one is called a luxury rental while the other offered at lower rates. What exactly is so luxurious about luxury rentals? Well, the entire difference actually lies in the services offered to guests in each of these properties.

As is evident from the name, luxury vacation rentals have more to offer to their guests than regular vacation rentals. Here is a quick look at the types of luxuries offered in vacation rentals aimed to enhance the holiday experience of guests.

Welcome Gift : Walk into any luxury vacation rental and you are sure to be greeted with a welcome gift for each member of your group. This serves as the first introduction to the luxury of the property chosen for stay during the trip. The gifts generally are selected pieces of local art that give you a taste of the local culture.

Internet Access : Not every holiday resort is able to boast of 24-hour internet access provided to guests. However, in case of luxury vacation rentals, you can be sure of this facility. In fact, many providers make this facility available through separate desktops installed in the bedroom or study. A compulsory aspect of luxury vacation rentals is that the registrations and office work are done using Internet supported software. This requires the officials to have internet connection 24X7 within the property, which explains its availability to guests and visitors.

Travel Insurance : It can be a challenge to overcome the financial challenge posed by a change in travel plans. Many providers take care of such needs by offering travel insurance right at the time of registration. This actually allows you to alter your travel plans and include short trips to surrounding exotic locales using this extra financial back-up. The insurance also covers any extra expenses you may need to fulfill due to medical treatment caused by an unfortunate accident during the trip.

All the above mentioned services come in addition to the 24-hour assistance provided by staff serving in these rentals. Enjoy thoroughly professional house keeping services along with the experience of customer services of the highest grade in the plush surroundings of luxury vacation rentals. Myrtle Beach boasts of some exquisitely designed luxury condos, resorts, and outhouses up for rent. Make sure you do not miss out on using the rare holiday offers made available by owners of these properties on your next vacation.

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