7 Day Vacation Packages to Cuba

by | Aug 3, 2015 | Travel

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To really experience what Cuba has to offer you need at least a week. Sure you can opt for shorter travel packages, but you will be missing out on a boat load of fun. The 7 day vacation packages to Cuba offer you just the right balance to have a fun filled vacation, so that you can experience everything there is to offer. There are plenty of things to see and numerous activities to suit the tastes and preferences of everyone.

7 day vacation packages to Cuba, by Cuba Travel & Trips, will offer a stay in beautiful bed and breakfast facilities, with home cooked Cuban meals and cleaning services for every day of your stay. Other accommodations are available as well if you want to stay in a hotel rather than a bed and breakfast. Most of the packages include transportation to and from pre-scheduled events like tours, dinners and other activities.

Why Stay for a Week?

One week is what is often allotted for vacation. When you choose 7 day vacation packages to Cuba by Cuba Travel & Trips you are allotting enough time to arrive, settle in, relax and then get on the move. You are also allotting enough time to really get in many of the sites with time to just rest when you need to. Seven days will give you enough time to really get a true sense of what the culture is all about.

In 7 days you can:

*Get to know Hemingway’s Havana
*See the UNESCO protected Valley of Vinales
*Go to a music workshop
*Visit the beach
*Eat plenty of authentic Cuban food
*Visit Old Havana
*See amazing art work
*Visit a rum factory
*And Engage in Many other Unique Activities

Experience the Rich Culture That Havana Has to Offer

Havana is rich in culture and history. You can literally spend 7 days wandering the streets of Havana viewing historic 16th century architecture, but that is not all that Cuba has to offer. There are rum factories, beautiful white sand beaches, restaurants, night clubs, shopping boutiques, activities and so much more. When you opt for a vacation package, you will be provided with everything you will need to have the vacation of a lifetime.

Let Cuba Travel & Trips provide you with one of their amazing 7 day vacation packages to Cuba if you want to have the trip of a lifetime. They have friendly booking agents that will customize an itinerary to meet your needs. Contact them today to book your holiday!

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