5 Questions Before You Choose a Private Boat Charter

Published On : 01-Sep-2017

Boat finder apps are now making it easy for you to find and hire boat rentals. You’ll want to consider a few things before you pick a private boat charter, though.

What kind of experience do you want?
Do you want to be where the action is? Or want to be in a remote bay, lake or cove with friends or family, taking dips and enjoying dives, the sea all to yourselves? This is going to influence the kind of boat rental you’ll go for.

Where do you want to go?
Boat finder apps should provide you with many local options that might not be as easy to find online. Don’t forget to check out discount offers or promo rates for local boat rides. Those cost-savings can mean a lot, especially if you’re trying to make your vacation funds last.

What’s your budget?
You should have no problem finding boats that fall within your budget range. Apps make it easy to offer rental options for different price points. However, be sure to set aside about 25 percent on top of your budget. That should be enough to cover the cost of food and alcohol along with fuel and other port charges, says Forbes.

How many are you?
You’ll want to choose a private boat charter that has plenty of room for everyone in your group. If you think the accommodations are too tight or cramped, you might want to look for something bigger. Sometimes, though, going for a cozy fit can work, especially if you’re traveling with family and close friends.

What kind of crew do you want?
You might want to go for a crewed instead of bareboat charter. It’s much more convenient to have someone else handle everything for you and your group, after all, from navigation and provisions to engine maintenance.

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