5 Must-See Places to See on Your European Tour

Published On : 09-Apr-2018

Europe is usually on everyone’s list of must-see places in the world. If you’re interested in women’s tours in Europe, here are a few tips to help you plan and get ready for your trip.

Start with London

The convivial atmosphere in the UK makes it easy for women traveling alone to enjoy dining out alone, USA Today says. Duck into a pub, order a lager and dive into the conversation. It’s easy to make friends in the city of best known for the Big Ben. If that suits you, then make this your first stop.

Head to Paris

One of the best-known places in the world, the city of Love isn’t just about bagels and the Eiffel Tower. Spend a day or two in the Louvre, hit the Versailles Garden and walk around the Champs-Elysees.

Get lost in Venice

Venice is well known for its alleys. It’s easy to wander around and get lost. Visit the St. Mark’s Square and Gran Canal. Take a picture at the Rialto Bridge or pay for a gondola ride. You’ll enjoy every minute in this magical floating city, with its fascinating canals and waterways and its exceptional food and wine.

Go around in Barcelona

If you’ve always loved to see Gaudi’s famous Gothic building, then don’t miss hitting this city when you plan your tour. By checking out women’s tours in Europe online, you have a pretty good idea of the pace, itinerary and time you’ll need to set aside for your trip.

Hike to the Swiss Alps

If you want views that will take your breath away, head to Geneva for some mountains and snow. Take photos with the Lake Geneva in the background or head straight to the Jungfrau region to the Swiss Alps.

These tips should help you hit all the must-see spots in your European tour.

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